Plan to Safeguard Social Security and Medicare

I’m running for the United States Senate because Wisconsin deserves to be represented by people who understand what we’re going through and will go to the mat to defend Social Security and Medicare. I don’t come from a wealthy or a well-connected family. I’m the proud son of a union family — my dad worked third shift on an assembly line and my mom was a public school teacher. This is personal to me.

When I hear Ron Johnson threaten Social Security and Medicare and refer to Social Security as a “legal ponzi scheme,” I think of my grandfather. He moved to Milwaukee after serving in World War II and was able to retire with dignity after working for 30 years as a steelworker. I also think of my father, who retired after 30 years as an auto worker. He deserves the benefits that he paid into all his life — just like all of us do. Ron Johnson has no right to take that away from us.

That’s what is at stake in this election. We’re fighting to protect the hard-earned benefits that our parents and grandparents have spent their entire lives paying into. Every Wisconsinite deserves to retire without worrying about putting food on the table, affording prescription medicines, or having to work beyond the retirement age. Ron Johnson wants to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. It’s up to us to stop him.

–– Mandela Barnes

Protecting Social Security

Ron Johnson has made clear that he opposes retirement security for Wisconsin seniors. In fact, Ron Johnson has suggested that Social Security and Medicare should be put on the chopping block and turned into discretionary spending programs that can be slashed at the whim of politicians, instead of an earned benefit program guaranteed to seniors. Johnson has voted to raise the retirement age, and even went as far as suggesting sending our seniors back to work
But Mandela knows that every American, after a lifetime of hard work, deserves the ability to retire with dignity and financial security. Rather than slashing Social Security, we should be in the business of strengthening it for generations to come.

  • Mandela will fight attempts to weaken Social Security. He’ll work across the aisle to build bipartisan support to block any legislation that would privatize Social Security. 
  • Mandela will ensure Social Security stays solvent for future generations by making sure the very wealthy pay their fair share. 
  • Mandela will vote against measures that would raise the retirement age for Social Security, cut benefits, or in any way betray our obligation to workers and retirees.

Strengthening Medicare for Seniors

America has a moral obligation to provide for the seniors who have spent their lives working for the American dream under the expectation that they would be able to retire in security. On top of calling to put Medicare on the chopping block, Ron Johnson voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate fairer drug prices for working families because it’ll hurt his Big Pharma donors. 

Mandela understands that we must uphold this sacred contract and ensure that retirees receive quality, affordable health care. He knows that Medicare recipients deserve comprehensive health insurance that includes dental, vision, and hearing benefits. 

Mandela will prioritize policies to provide critical coverage to people across the state:

  • Mandela will fight to protect and strengthen Medicare’s ability tonegotiate drug prices,which will lower prescription drugs prices for all Americans.
  • Mandela will help provide access to affordable, high-quality health care for Wisconsin families by holding Big Pharma accountable and stop Wisconsin families from getting ripped off.
  • Mandela will fight tolower the Medicare eligibility age to 50, which will expand coverage and lower the cost of health care for Americans on employer-provided health care plans.