Middle Class Tax Cut

Mandela’s Plan to Cut Taxes and Lower Costs for the Middle Class

My dad’s job on the assembly line and my mom’s job as a teacher gave our family a ticket to the middle class. For too long, that’s been a ticket too many people can’t get anymore, no matter how hard they work. Now, inflation is making life even harder, from prices at the pump to prices at the grocery store. 

We need an economy that works for working people. But thanks to Ron Johnson, our tax code is only working for him and his millionaire donors. So let’s tackle inflation head-on by giving middle class families a tax cut, and pay for it by ensuring the wealthiest among us — including Ron Johnson — pay their fair share.

I know what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills and wonder how you’ll make ends meet. That’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass a middle class tax cut to put money back in people’s pockets and give working folks a fair shot. 

— Mandela Barnes


For too long, politicians like Ron Johnson have prioritized tax breaks for their wealthiest donors and big corporations. Mandela believes it’s time we prioritized tax cuts for the middle class, not billionaires. In the Senate, he’ll support a middle class tax cut and reverse the most harmful provisions of Ron Johnson’s destructive tax plan that benefitted the top 1% and hurt small businesses and working people. 

  • Mandela will give the middle class a tax cut. He’ll expand the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and other tax cuts so middle class families can keep more of what they earn. 
  • Mandela will pay for it by ensuring the wealthiest among us pay their fair share — unlike Ron Johnson, whose greatest achievement in Washington was a tax bill that delivered more than $200 million in tax breaks for some of his wealthiest donors alone, while leaving working people in the dust.  


Working families and middle class Wisconsinites need urgent help to weather inflation. In the short term, Mandela will prioritize policies that will provide immediate relief to people across the state: 

  • Mandela will help families afford their basic needs right now by lowering the costs of health care and prescription drugs, starting by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, benefiting all Americans.
  • Mandela will help provide access to affordable, high-quality child care for Wisconsin families.
  • Mandela will hold oil and drug companies accountable and end subsidies for oil and gas companies that are using a crisis to make record profits. 
  • Mandela will give Americans a raise by supporting a $15 minimum wage. 

Mandela will also work to bring manufacturing back home so Americans aren’t so vulnerable to supply chain issues overseas causing inflation here at home. Read Mandela’s Make it Here plan to learn more about his agenda to reinvigorate American manufacturing.