Plan to Address Black Maternal Health

Mandela’s Plan to Address the Black Maternal Mortality Crisis

For far too long, our health care system has let new parents — especially Black mothers – go without the follow-up care they need. The United States’ maternal mortality rate, sitting at 23.8 per 10,000 births in 2020, is drastically higher than any other high-income country. Though these numbers are already too high, Black women face an even higher risk of pregnancy-related deaths. The maternal mortality rate for Black women is three to four times higher than the rate of white women. 

In the Senate, Mandela will prioritize policies that will provide support to Wisconsin mothers, especially within the Black community:

  • Mandela will support the MOMMA’s Act, cosponsored by Congresswoman Gwen Moore, which seeks to reduce the rising maternal and infant mortality rate, especially for mothers and babies of color. 
  • Mandela will join Senator Tammy Baldwin and Congresswoman Gwen Moore in cosponsoring the Black Maternal Health ‘Momnibus’ Act, a comprehensive bill that focuses on critical social investments to support maternal health conditions. Ron Johnson refused to cosponsor the package.
  • Mandela will push Wisconsin to fully adopt Medicaid expansion for the entire population and adopt 12 months of postpartum care as studies show a notable improvement in the maternal mortality rate just by the extension, unlike Ron Johnson who voted to gut the program as a whole. 

The solution to solving the maternal mortality rate crisis can’t be done alone. Mandela knows the importance of listening to all the ideas and supporting bipartisan legislation to work to decrease the maternal mortality rate. Mandela will continue to raise awareness, consider any and all ideas, and will happily work across the aisle to address the racial gap in maternal health and mortality rate.