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NEW: Mandela Barnes Releases ‘Grow Wisconsin’ Plan to Uplift Wisconsin Farmers

As Lt. Governor, Mandela has Fought and Delivered for Family Farms 

Throughout April, Mandela Barnes Visited Farms Across Wisconsin to Hear Their Struggles, Challenges, and Needs from the U.S. Senate as Part of His Statewide “Barnes for Barns” Tour

MADISON — Today, Mandela Barnes released his new policy agenda to prioritize and uplift small and mid-sized farms and meat processors who have been put on the back foot by self-serving politicians like Ron Johnson.

The plan comes after Mandela’s Barnes for Barns tour, where he traveled the state to meet with farmers and meat processors to hear their concerns and needs. 

In the U.S. Senate, Mandela will:

  • Crack down on Big Ag monopolies and their anti-competitive practices that have put Wisconsin farmers and local meat processors on the back foot and raised prices for consumers.
  • Increase access to health care – including care for mental health and addiction – to ensure every farmer has access to the care and resources they deserve. 
  • Push for accessible targeted investments and grants that will provide high speed internet access to farmers and families in rural areas of Wisconsin.
  • Crack down on Chinese government-backed firms that purchase American farmland so we can keep Wisconsin farmland in the hands of Wisconsin farmers. 
  • Fight for transparency in food and dairy labeling to lower costs and level the playing field for Wisconsin farmers. 
  • Take bold action to address climate change and extreme weather events which have already impacted Wisconsin’s family farmers. 
  • Support legislation providing a pathway to citizenship for immigrant farm workers to address the labor shortage and ensure safe and legal working conditions for all Wisconsinites. 

Click here to read the full plan.

“Wisconsin’s family farmers are the backbone of our state – but for far too long, they’ve been left in the dust by self-serving politicians like Ron Johnson who are bought and paid for by Big Ag monopolies,” said Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate. “In my four years as Lt. Governor I have shown up in every county of the state and delivered for our family farms. In the Senate, I’ll continue to do the work of standing up to Big Ag monopolies and ensuring every Wisconsinite has a fair shot at the American Dream.”