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NEW AD: Mandela Barnes Blasts Ron Johnson’s Support for National Abortion Ban

Watch Mandela Barnes’ Election TV Ad, Lying,’ Here

MADISON — Today, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate released ‘Lying,’ a new ad highlighting Ron Johnson’s support for a national abortion ban and his cosponsorship of a bill that mades no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the woman. The new ad is part of a multi-million dollar ad campaign on broadcast, cable, and digital throughout the state.

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes released the following statement:

“From boasting about his efforts to overturn Roe to supporting a dangerous abortion ban that would put the lives of countless women at risk, Ron Johnson is completely out of step with Wisconsinites on abortion. Voters want Johnson to answer for his anti-choice record—and are going to hold him accountable for his efforts to rip away their rights in November.”

While Ron Johnson continues to lie about his extreme anti-choice record and distract voters from his support for a nationwide abortion ban, Wisconsinites know there’s only one candidate in this race who is fighting to protect reproductive rights—and that’s Mandela Barnes.

In Wisconsin, abortion remains one of the most motivating issues for voters across the state, with 61% of Democrats and 42% of Independents listing abortion as a top issue this cycle. What’s more, 55% of voters said they would support an abortion rights candidate over a Republican who favors strict limits on abortion.

Read a transcript of the “Lying” below:

Narrator: Ron Johnson caught lying. 

Independent fact checks call his attacks on Mandela Barnes “false” and “misleading.”

But it’s Johnson’s views that are alarming. 

Johnson supported a ban on abortions. 

He co-sponsored a bill that makes no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the woman.

And Johnson said if women don’t like it they can “move.”

The truth is, it’s Ron Johnson who doesn’t belong in Wisconsin.

About Mandela Barnes 

Mandela Barnes’ story is a Wisconsin story. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Mandela is the proud son of a union household running for the U.S. Senate to give every Wisconsinite a fair shot at the American Dream. From his days as an organizer to his work in the State Assembly and as Wisconsin’s first Black Lieutenant Governor, Mandela has consistently put in the work to connect with every community across Wisconsin. When it comes to supporting family farms, Main Streets, workers, law enforcement and unions across the state, Wisconsinites know they can count on Mandela Barnes to keep them safe. In the Senate, Mandela will fight to bring good-paying jobs back to Wisconsin and to keep all of our communities safe.