Democratic primary voters, especially those in the Milwaukee, Madison and the Green Bay media markets need to see in early July that Mandela Barnes is the son of a public school teacher and a third shift auto worker who was raised in a middle class family. Unlike the millionaires in this race, he’s the only candidate who understands first-hand what Wisconsin families are up against.


Lobbyists and wealthy donors have all the power and influence in Washington and politicians listen to them instead of regular people. Mandela has taken a pledge and won’t accept contributions from corporate PACs and will always put everyday Wisconsinites first.

Mandela will work to bring manufacturing back to Wisconsin so we can fix supply chain issues, stock our shelves, and bring down costs and rising prices. As Lt. Governor, Mandela helped farmers and small businesses across the state; in the Senate he’ll end bad trade deals that have hurt those same workers, farmers, and businesses.