Press Release

Mandela Barnes Slams Ron Johnson For Refusing to Support Abortion Referendum 

Ron Johnson Called a Proposed Referendum to Create Exceptions to Wisconsin’s Abortion Ban for Rape or Incest a “Political Stunt

MADISON — Today, Mandela Barnes slammed out-of-touch Ron Johnson for continuing to hide and dodge questions about his dangerous efforts to take away reproductive freedom. When asked whether he supported exceptions to Wisconsin’s abortion ban for rape or incest, Johnson dodged the question and said Wisconsin voters should put it to a referendum — something not currently possible without intervention from the legislature and especially disingenuous given Johnson’s long history of supporting the federal abortion bans.

Instead of standing behind his own words after Governor Evers urged the legislature to call a referendum on Wisconsin’s 1894 abortion ban, Johnson dodged once again, calling the referendum a “political stunt.” 

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement: 

“Ron Johnson knows that his dangerous record of ripping away Wisconsinites’ reproductive rights is out of touch with our Wisconsin values, which is why he’s doing everything he can to lie about and hide from his real record. His attempt to hide his positions from Wisconsin voters is as pitiful as it is despicable. Wisconsin voters deserve the truth from Ron Johnson.” 

Now that he’s facing the toughest election of his career, Ron Johnson is hiding his record of harming Wisconsinites with his out of touch views. 

  • He’s hiding from his record of supporting cuts to Social Security and his praise for a plan that would end Social Security in five years. 
  • He told reporters he would support codifying marriage equality — and then admitted he only said it to get reporters “off my back” before doubling down on his opposition to the bill. 
  • He refuses to say whether or not he will accept the results of the November election — after trying to overthrow the last election when he didn’t like the result.