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ICYMI: Mandela Barnes’ Win for Wisconsin Tour Stops in Eau Claire

MADISON — This week, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, launched his Win for Wisconsin bus tour, a tour focused on uplifting the Wisconsin workers and families that Ron Johnson has left behind.

Yesterday, Mandela joined students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for a “Pedal to the Polls” event, where he spoke about the importance of voting to many first-time voters and then biked with students to their local polling site. 

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Barnes campaign stops at UW-Eau Claire 

  • Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes looked out at a crowd of 80 people, mostly college students, on Wednesday at UW-Eau Claire, and asked for a show of hands from those who are voting for their first time. Most hands shot up.
  • […] During his speech, Barnes said that a win will depend on just an additional three or four votes in each ward, so it is important to get out first-time voters as well as those who traditionally only vote in presidential elections. He voted on Tuesday.
  • Barnes was critical of his opponent, saying that Johnson is on record as doubting the existence of global warming, and he has supported eight separate measures that would limit abortion access in his two terms as senator.
  • “There is so much on the line, our rights, our freedoms,” Barnes said. “I want to make sure the next generation has more rights.”
  • Johnson has not had a public event with media availability in the Chippewa Valley recently; he did appear at the Liberty Fest with the Eau Claire County Republican Party earlier this month, and he attended a private fundraiser event near Menomonie on Saturday, where media were not invited to attend. He did attend a public rally in Superior this week.

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WEAU: Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Mandela Barnes visits UW-Eau Claire campus to rally college voters 

  • Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Mandela Barnes made his case to college voters Wednesday morning.
  • The Lieutenant Governor was at a campaign event at UW-Eau Claire talking to young voters, some of which are first time voters.
  • Barnes told students that the midterm elections are just as important as presidential elections.
  • “What we need to do for students? We got to lower costs. When people talk about student loan forgiveness, we got to get to the root cause, college affordable in general…. If you look at the state’s share of support for University here in Wisconsin over the generations, it’s decline significantly. We got to get more money to the state so they can support the university system,” said Barnes.

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