Press Release

FACT CHECK: Johnson’s Lies About Lt. Governor Barnes’ Public Safety Record Have Been Repeatedly Debunked

MADISON —  Ron Johnson continues to spew misinformation about Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes’ record on public safety, even after multiple independent fact-checkers have exposed these lies. 

Barnes’ plans would make Wisconsin safer, while Johnson has opposed a plan to recruit and train new officers and even voted against funding for law enforcement. 

FACT: Barnes does not support defunding the police and backs ensuring law enforcement have the resources needed to keep us safe and investing in preventing crime from occurring in the first place.

  • WISC Reality Check: “Claims that Barnes wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were clarified in News 3 Now’s Reality Check series which found Barnes does not want to abolish ICE or defund the police, despite claims made in campaign ads.

FACT: Barnes’ plan to reform cash bail would have kept dangerous criminals in jail. 

  • Politifact: “High probability that Barnes plan to end cash bail would have kept parade suspect in jail”

FACT: Barnes has always been committed to keeping dangerous people off the streets. 

  • Politifact: “GOP group misses mark with claim prison population reduction would require fast release of criminals”

FACT: Barnes has consistently condemned violence and worked to prioritize public safety. 

  • Politifact: ​​”Johnson misses mark with claim Evers, Barnes participated in rallies that incited Kenosha chaos.”
  • Politifact: “Claim that Evers, Barnes did not call for peace, calm after Blake shooting goes too far” 

FACT: The Evers-Barnes Administration has made historic investments in public safety.

FACT: Sen. Ron Johnson has repeatedly voted against funding and resources for law enforcement and supported the violent insurrection that injured 140 officers.